Oh wonderful world of quiz shows! They come in so many flavors. Many of them are multiple choice trivia games - and Quimeleon is a game engine which can mimic any of them, or just look any way you want it to. So, if auntie's next birthday is coming along, what will you do? Get a big screen or video projector and do your own quiz show with Quimeleon! Quimeleon allows you to load your own list of questions and answers (matching the occasion), and you can adjust the look to auntie's favorite quiz show.

You can also play sounds and display images to accompany the questions. Plugins allow diverse special actions, e.g. to manipulate the displayed answers, graphic and audio output, and to launch other programs. Quimeleon already comes with some useful plugins, that can be adjusted to your needs, but if you know C++ you can even create your own. To round things up you can create an intro and outro, giving your show its own title screen and theme song.

Latest released version is Get it from the project page.